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 How to schedule the execution of a PDI job on Pentaho Server?

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Claudio Battaglino posted 09-30-2021 12:36


I've a job that works correctly if launched from Pentaho PDI.

How can I schedule this job on a Pentaho Server?

Is there a tutorial on how to do this?


I'm using:

  • Pentaho PDI 9.2
  • Pentaho Server CE 9.2
  • The server is on a Centos distribution.


Thank you very much



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Ana Gonzalez

If you install PDI in the server, you just call the with the job file and parameters if needed. To run a transformation you use the script. Look in Pentaho documentation the parameters you can pass to kitchen and pan scripts.

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Claudio Battaglino

Thank you Ana for your suggestion, I will try it.


However I've seen that on the server there are already some schedules that are using a .xaction file.


I've downloaded this file that is a zip file that includes three files: a file .xaction, a file .xaction.local and a file called exportManifest.xml.


In these files there are some references to the job.

I've duplicated and renamed this file, changed the references to the job, created the new zip file and imported it.


Now it seems that the new chedule works,

I don't know if the production of this .xaction file can be automated.










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Ana Gonzalez

I can't help you there, I don't use the server to schedule the execution of PDI jobs and transformations, maybe you can find something in the old forum ( or in old blog posts, Diethard's blog has a lot of useful information in PDI:

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Andres Sierra Notario

You can login the user console, upload the files (kjb, ktr), then schedule from the browse files dialog.


You can control the execution accesing the kettle status at pentaho/kettle/status