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 Any dashboard to control transformations and jobs mess?

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Gosforth Kubu posted 09-23-2019 12:11


how to you handle many transformations/jobs mess? One work can have dozen of files. After some time it is really hard to get orientated in this chaos - what file is doing what. Is there any way to organize this mess? Some dashboard could help but I do not see there's such opition in Kettle/PDI

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David da Guia Carvalho

You could make jobs that represent complete subjects and multiple jobs to connect them, also metadata on the jobs/transformations and steps (like descriptions) are very helpful.

In the past we got "kettle-cookbook" that read metadata and output html... the "documentation step" is not as good as cookbook was!


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Ana Gonzalez

kettle-cookbook needs updating, but for basic information still works, the htmls generated can be a starting point to get that kind of information, or you can develop your own PDI jobs and transformations reading the kjb and ktr files as xml files and extract the dependencies you need...

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Gosforth Kubu

Any example?

Jobs leading to jobs changes nothing - still mess. This 'html' can be some good solution but I really do not know what you mean.