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 Opcenter Administrator starts mapping luns with ID 1 instead of 0

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João Serra posted 08-13-2021 11:05

Hi. Some years ago, some OS platforms seem to work better (or just work) with block storage when there was a LUN mapped with ID 0. Since then, that seemed to be less and less a requirement bu we just found out, the painful way that, RedHat's version of linux for Mainframe does require to see a LUN with ID 0 or you won't be able to configure the LUNs. They do show with "lsblk" but "lslun" won't work. This wouldn't be an issue if Openter Administrator would start mapping luns with ID 0 instead of 1!


Now that we know, it's easily fixed and for every new Z-Linux to which we provide LUNS, we need to remember to manually set the first lun to 0. It's not that hard but still why does Administrator start mapping to LUN ID 1 by default. We've been providing LUNs to Z-Linux with Device Manager for years and never notice this OS requirement because HDVM simply starts mapping at 0.



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I've seen it too. I'll let PM know though that it's effecting systems out there in the field.


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