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 Error Move Files job entry

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MIREYA MARTINEZ SAIZ posted 06-08-2018 08:00


i am using Move Files job entry because I need to move files from a folder to another in the same machine. This is the error it shows when I execute the job:

2018/06/07 16:23:53 - Move Files - ERROR (version, build 1 from 2016-04-07 12.08.49 by buildguy) : There was an error moving file [file:///home/real/file.csv] to [file:///interfases/file.csv] : [Could not rename "file:///home/real/file.csv" to "file:///interfases/file.csv".]

Any idea of the problem? Thanks!

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John Eicher

Hi Mireya,

It looks like you're trying to move a file out of a home directory into a another directory at the root level. While the error doesn't indicate it, this is most likely a permissions issue. Please check the owner of the interfases directory and see if the user who started Spoon has access to that directory. After you open up permissions on the interfases directory, you should find it moves the file without error.