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 How can I choose from which resource group the new LDEV will be created?

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Olivia Petrisakova posted 10-26-2021 10:34

Hello, we have two resource groups on our VSPG1500, meta_resource and VSMxxx. My colleague created 2 new Host groups with raidcom. Both Hostgroups belong to VSMxxx. I wanted to add some LDEVs to those host groups. I used GUI storage navigator. But when I chose where to mapp new LUNs it gave me an error, that Host group and LDEV are from different resource group. So Host groups are from VSMxxx and LDEVs from meta_resource I think.

Is there a way, How to choose which resource group will be used for new LDEVs? I can only choose Pool but nothing more.


Thank to anybody for help.

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Hello Olivia


Maybe try our Hitachi Ops Center Administrator. From the volume create screen you can specify the resource group here, you can also manage the VSM's in Administrator (nothing = meta_resource):

administrator Screen resource select 

To do this in raidcom you need to move the ldev into the resource group using the map/unmap commands.


I believe you can move a resource into a resource group in Storage Navigator under the Administrator tab.


To move resources to/from a resource group from an ldev perspective, I believe you might need to remove the lun paths before you do so.


Feel free to book a demo with our Centre of Excellence if you'd like to see a demo on Hitach Ops Center can help.

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dhruv kalia need to make same host group to add vols
Goto a resource group which you want to use  in Storage Navigator under the Administrator tab.
select your resource group from there add the hosts in there filter your host group
after this refersh all u will see same HG see pic below