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 Protection Client & Oracle (ORA-01034 error when database is discovering)

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posted 03-21-2022 11:33

Sorry for the delay, but so far I haven't had any issues with Protector and Oracle Integration.


We have already installed a PoC with a Protector Client(7.3- & Ops Center Protector 10.8.0-01 (We’ve resolved the security vulnerabilities with a workarround) in a OracleRAC 12.2 and RHEL 6.10 Operating System.  The RAC CRS cluster consists of 2 nodes nekel1 and nekel2, but we have only installed Oracle Client Protector on nekel1. We previously check the matrix.

We already have configured the Node ISM for Storages (G600). And we have checked all requirements of the database.


The Oracle Node configured fine, and we were able configure the Offline backup well. But, online backup has problems because Oracle Client doesn’t connect to database and trace logs show the error ORA-01034:



 It seems that the discover don't take well the variables of Oracle environment. 


Thanks in advance