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 Upgrading Pentaho Server CE from 8.0 to 9.2

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John Sterritt posted 11-26-2021 13:23
I would like to perform an update from Pentaho Server CE 8.0 to 9.2. I have looked for a definitive guide or how-to that would outline these steps, but cannot find anything. The online help appears to provide comprehensive documentation on this process but references a utility available only to Enterprise Users. Please see the link below at the bottom. 

When looking through the users forums I came across one post where its mentioned the CE is upgraded by downloading content from the old server, and uploading that content to the new server. While this works it misses one major aspect of the upgrade, and that is the migration of the user accounts, and groups which needs to be done first since these user accounts and group are referenced in the export manifest. Is there anyway to first export/import the user accounts and groups prior to uploading the content, or do the user accounts and groups need to be recreated manually? 

Pentaho upgrade
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Pentaho upgrade
Before you begin Get the Pentaho upgrade file Using the Pentaho Upgrade Installer Get started by checking your environment Specify customized items to to address after upgrading Back up of your existing Pentaho products and install Pentaho 9.2 You can upgrade your Pentaho products from version 8.3 or later to version 9.2 using the Pentaho Upgrade Installer.
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Andrew Cave
Hi John

Have you tried using the import-export utility

Not guaranteeing 8 to 9.1 but it it worth a try..