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 why is it so difficult to get an official price for pentaho enterprise??

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Yit Sun Liaw posted 04-11-2019 17:03

My team members are pentaho users and we customers asking for the software and services. We asked around, searched and even left messages in Hitachi Vantara but no answer or response at all. Is there no plan to sell??

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Nuno Pereira

Hi Liaw,

I'm not aware of an official price for Pentaho. Have you tried to contact through Enterprise Support telephone? Maybe they could give you guidance (see below)

Pentaho Enterprise Support | Hitachi Vantara



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Paulo Pires

Hi Liaw,

You can also see some information here Big Data Analytics Services | Hitachi Vantara and a contact at the bottom.

Best regards

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Brandon Jackson

Capterra and other vendor comparison sites will publish pricing of the base deals.

There are basically 3 deals that I know of.

Everything (without big data or column store databases):

65,000 US (was 2018, but 2019 was quoted at 75k)

Everything (with column store databases)

120,000 US (was 90k in 2018)

Everything (with big data and column store databases)

As high as they can make it.  Probably 175,000 US.

They will typically with raise prices by 5% per year on annual contracts or 20% to 25% at the end of some 3 year deal.

Whatever you are doing needs to be much more valuable than the annual contracts of software tools.  Equally important is that whatever version of the product suite you choose needs to fulfill all of your requirements now and reasonably in the future.  The products have a very wide range of capabilities.  It makes sense that the more of that functionality you use, the greater the likelihood of bugs and regressions that will prevent you from upgrades.

This is not a slam, just an illustration.  This stuff happens and you should plan accordingly. We use a step called "Get Tables" from Pentaho Data Integration.  Fewer people would naturally use a step like that as opposed to "Table Input" where the whole of the user base would use it. Hopefully, your BI initiatives are successful like mine have been over the years.  It is a testament to the quality and ability of the product and company to enable you to deliver valuable results to your company.  A consequence of the long success is that you will very likely end up running multiple versions of Pentaho tools in your environment while you wait for all the fixes to align where you can end up on one code line.


December 18, 2018 I filed a support case illustrating the break. Support rapidly validated that it was indeed a break and it was recorded here as a JIRA: [PDI-17792] Get Table Names step throws java.lang.NullPointerException - Pentaho Platform Tracking

Five months later on May 1, 2019 a new patch was released that reportedly fixed this issue.  I took it for a spin and true, the null pointer exception no longer presented, but the table creates quit working, which shows up as a new JIRA.

[PDI-18084] Get Table Names step does does not fully generate for Vertica, leaves out the column names - Pentaho Platfor…

Will it be five more months?  I have no idea, but most of our solutions do not depend on this fringe capability.  No sense in getting too bent out of shape.  They will eventually fix it.  Play your winning game in the wide fairways and not the narrow alleyways.

World class solutions do not get built here:


World class solutions are built in fairways:


In the real world, time versus money would say:

1. Find my own programmer and pay to get it fixed.

2. Hire Pentaho Professional Services to do that

3. Wait and see how engineering prioritizes it and hope Q/A tests better and forgo the subscription time/cost while waiting.

Enjoy the tools.  Get to know the great folks.  I wish you much success.