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Gary Matthews posted 02-18-2021 14:26

After some help from the experts on here :-) We’ve got objectives this year on automation - we have to come up with two or more automation implementations .

I’m thinking of automating out LUN creation , yes I know it’s easy under Opscenter but the whole thing is a case of automation for automations sake if you ask me – the head honchos have asked for it so we have to be seen to be doing it !

So I’ll be looking at checking capacity in a pool , assigning creating LUNs in specific ranges , creating host groups , presenting LUNs with specific LUN IDs , setting up replication etc


So I’m guessing raidcom? We’ve been told that powershell is our methodology of choice , and I’ve come across the Hitachi Storage Adapter for powershell – any one used it ?


I'm not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination so any help/tips/examples/thoughts on anything gratefully receive

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William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen



Yes there are number of quick automations:

  • If you have Hitachi Ops Center Automator you can use for instance some of the out of box automations in there to do it for you.
  • The Powershell adapter requires a command device. But once Setup really powerful and easy to use.
  • You can use Powershell with the native REST API's in the Ops Center Suite to do just about anything as well by copy and pasting what you do in Ops Center into a powershell script. I posted a Youtube video of this in another thread.


If you'd like to see some of this and it's differences feel free to log a Demonstration request with the Center of Excellence, link in my bio.

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William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen

You can view the post here:


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Gary Matthews

Thanks William. We don't have automator, but have a requirement to write some code to keep the directors happy :-) The API stuff sounds interesting , can you post a link to that thread please