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 What is the equivalent of "PAIRSPLIT -S" and "PAIRCREATE -g " in HITACHI OPS CENTER PROTECTOR?

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Tolga ERGUL posted 02-02-2021 18:51

In our environment , we are using Hitachi thin image technology to create test,development data and we automated this process with bash scripting using traditional raidcom commands by horcm files. When we want refresh our snapshot, firstly delete by "pairsplit -S" command to reclaim snap data usage from pool and then wait until paridisplay command shows us the secondary device status is "S" . Then take new snapshot by paircreate command and run pairsplit command to take a snap. With this method , secondary device ldev id 's not change so we do not need more step on host side. Now a days , we try to change our automated environment to HITACHI OPSCENTER PROTECTOR REST API ,but i could not find any equivalent of "pairsplit -S" and "paircreate -g " commands. I have already created policy and data flow, and snapshot but I don't understand new terms of protector like "Dissociate","Teardown","Delete". Note that we don't want to change secondary device ldev ids

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William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen



If you do a teardown it would make it a simple volume usually. It sounds like you want a batch job transfer though as opposed to continues transfer, maybe with Shadow Image etc. Should be easy enough to setup. It should do the sync and auto split it for you. If you have some more details about the use case I can perhaps give you some better pointers.


Best Regards


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Hi William,


Thanks for your answer.


Actually, our process is very simple. We want to regain the snap capacity by taking the current snapshot in simplex mode. Because developer no longer need that data. Afterwards, we want to take a snapshot again because renewal is requested. We used tradinital raidcom commands like pairsplit -S and paircreate with horcm files.


Is teardown equivalent of pairsplit -S command? and then trigger our data flow again to refresh our thin image snapshot ?