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Gary Matthews posted 03-04-2021 10:26

Hi , we've recently decommissioned our old VSPs , with only G1500s, HNAS and HCP in our environment now. So we're moving from HCS/ Storage navigator to Ops Centre . I've had a play around with it - not sure if it's an improvement , but it may just be a case of teh devil you know :-) . Have a couple of questions to star off with that are hopefully easy to answer. Apologies if they're in the manuals but I have tried looking !

1) Anyway to stop the animation on the initial login screen? It really seems to slow things up

2)Can Opscentre Administrator query a centre like HCS used to , there doesn't seem to be an option when adding a server? One of the useful elements I found on HCS was the filesystem column showing the datastore name

3) Analyzer - Tuning manager was never the most intuitive and good to see they've carried on with the tradition :-) I've got probes running OK for vcentre , G1500 and HNAS - how do I create simple capacity reports?

3) Protector - is there an equivalent of my copy groups? I've imported the existing replication groups OK but there doesnt seem to be an obvious was of just showing teh pair status , other than kicking off a monitor job then drilling down

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Hello Gary


Some quick pointers.

  1. Not sure, I dont have any issues with this, have you tried maybe another browser?
  3. You can get it via the inventory report in detailed view. Or you can also query specific sets in the Report Builder. There are also some good out of box reports on the dashboard that you can add just by adding the widget in 'dashboard settings'.
  4. If you head over to the 'Storage' view in Protector. Selecting the destination array should show you all the managed replications from that array along with their various status.


If all fails, request a demo with a CoE and we can show you these topics in details. Link in my bio.