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JSON Input Step in release 9.2

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  • 1.  JSON Input Step in release 9.2

    Posted 11-12-2021 04:10
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    We have a simple transformation that is getting a json file after callind a Rest API with the Rest Client Step. After getting the JSON file, we managed the data with JSON input step.
    We ran it with PDI release 8.2.
    The JSON file incresed to 500.000 row aproximately.
    From 8.2 release we increased the PDI memory and the transformation took 10 minuts.
    We migrate to 9.2  increasing de PDI memory too. But with this release the tranformation took nearly 26 hours!!
    Have you got any idea what happens with Json Input Step in 9.2 release?
    I attach this .ktr to see if you could test it.

    Thanks in advance,


    Marta Serra
    IT Support Manager


    Test.ktr   27 KB 1 version