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  • 1.  LDAPS

    Posted 03-15-2022 09:07
    Hi all,

    According to the EE docs at it seems to suggest that LDAPS is possible from the mention of including a certificate in the JRE's truststore.  No other settings mentioned in the article appear to relate to LDAPS so has anyone set up LDAPS please?

    Is the certificate that the above article mentions one that needs to be issued by the same CA that has created the certificate used on the LDAPS server?

    Is the instruction to use the JRE truststore in the above article completely separate to configuring a certificate for the Tomcat server in /home/pentaho/pentaho/server/pentaho-server/tomcat/conf/server.xml ?

    I currently just have LDAP up and running from Diethard Steiner's blog post ( using a test Apache Directory Studio install.

    Kind regards,

  • 2.  RE: LDAPS

    Posted 01-11-2023 09:16
    This is actually my thread but my user account changed.  I'm still interested in knowing if anyone has set up LDAPS in Pentaho Server rather than just plain LDAP?

    Justin Phebey