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  • 1.  Http Post with multipart/form-data Text Json

    Posted 05-12-2022 16:31
    Hello everybody.

    I need to send via HTTP Post some information structured in JSON.

    The server's contextType expects a call of type Http post with multipart/form-data. I'm only sending the Json, I don't need to inform a file.

    In any HTTP Client, EVERYTHING works for sending test according to the attached image. But via Pentaho it's failing returning error 400, Invalid File, But I don't need to send a file, just my JSON.

    I already use HTTP Post to send ContentType of JSON type without any problems. the error only occurs when I try to use multipart/form-data.

    Does anyone have an idea?

    Modified JavaScript value-JSON
    HTTP client where I can send successfully. Using these settings on it only.

    Diego Soares
    Account Manager

  • 2.  RE: Http Post with multipart/form-data Text Json

    Posted 05-24-2022 05:09
    I conflicted with a general kind of issue last time, I am at this point searching for some obvious plan.
    Jeremy Leachman
    Administrative Assistant
    Mr. AG's

  • 3.  RE: Http Post with multipart/form-data Text Json

    Posted 27 days ago
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    Hi Diego.

    Sorry to be so late.   In a previous version of Pentaho (5 I think) I set up a ktr to send mondrian xml definitions to a pentaho server.  For that you have to use multipart loading which I implemented in a UDJC step.  I've attached the ktr with the code.  I hope it helps you.

    Andrew Cave
    Systems Engineer
    BizCubed Pty Ltd