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UR pairs between DRD-VOL and DP-VOL

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  • 1.  UR pairs between DRD-VOL and DP-VOL

    Posted 05-25-2023 04:05

    Hi Guru

    I have a question about UR targetting between DRD-VOL(DP-VOL with the data reduction function enabled) and DP-VOL.
    our prospect is considering UR between VSP 5600 with DRV-VOL and  VSP E509 with DP-VOL and both have seperate JNL Volumes.

    1. Is it supported architecture ?
    2. Can we save decompressed data from VSP 5600 to VSP E509 without compression/deduplication due to performance degrades ?
       Documents said that VSP 5600 will perform decompressing data first when data transfering to RCU .


    SangMin Kang
    Sales Engineer
    CloIT Co., Ltd.