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  • 1.  Generating Reports from Analyzer

    Posted 04-25-2024 10:34

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to generate a report to show the Total Bandwith used by our GAD Remote port.

    I success to show it individually with this query :

    raidStorage[=serialNumber rx XXXXX]/raidPort[=name rx XXXXX-CL7-B][=name rx XXXXX-CL8-B][=name rx XXXXX-CL7-K][=name rx XXXXX-CL8-K]&[@transferRate rx b .*]

    But I'd like to have the sum of all.

    How can I modify this query to get this.





  • 2.  RE: Generating Reports from Analyzer

    Posted 19 days ago

    Hello @Sylvain Thabuis,

    Sylvain's current query retrieves data for each connection using square brackets [] with specific names. To calculate the total, he can leverage Analyzer's statistical functions (likely not shown in the snippet).
    Check Analyzer's documentation or search the forum for keywords related to statistical functions. There might be a function like sum or total applicable to his scenario. Apply the sum function to the desired metric (e.g., @transferRate).
    If unsure about the syntax, Sylvain can search the Analyzer forum or documentation for examples using sum or total functions. He can reply to his own post in the forum thread (titled "Generating Reports from Analyzer") with his attempted solution and ask for feedback or assistance if needed.  Kynect Gov