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 CARTE not refresing logs for a while in long running jobs

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Juan Sierra Pons posted 09-20-2022 07:41


I have been using #Carte inside #Docker containers for a while with excellent results. There is a small problem, sometimes while checking the Carte's web http://server:8080/kettle/jobStatus for the job's logs, I see that the logs page shows only a subset of the logs some info before or after is lost and during sometime the web page is not refreshed. eg:

Pay attention to the 5 hours gap in the logs and that the lines before 06:01:59 have disappeared too.

It happens with jobs that spit a lot of log lines.

Carte is configured like this:

Configuration details:
The maximum size of the central log buffer No limit
The maximum age of a log line 360 minutes
The maximum age of a stale object 360 minutes
Repository name MyRepo

Any idea what cold be happening?

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Andrew Cave
Hi Juan

Apparently the Pentaho logging behaviour is a compromise between logging completeness and application performance.  In addition, I think the status applet queries the log4j buffer for it's current state. TO get the most complete logs, set up a logging file on the job/trans executers at the top level (in the step/entry logging tab as in the screen shot)

Of course this means you can't read it via kettle/status.  You could set up a pentaho transformation to read the file and return it as text output.