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 Carte (PDI 9.3) on Windows taking to much time accepting Jobs

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Juan Sierra Pons posted 01-19-2023 02:04

I have a cluster of Carte servers on Linux that works perfectly. As I have some Jobs that are Windows OS dependent, I have created a carte server on Windows to run them.

Both OS have the same Java 11 version and are running the same PDI 9.3 version. Also both servers are not overloaded regarding CPU/MEM

The main difference is that the Windows' Carte takes to much time to accept jobs, sometimes more than 10 minutes.

Linux's Carte servers can manage 8 jobs in parallel without an issue, taking only a few seconds to send back the Job id.

Is there any way to improve Carte's performance on Windows?

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Juan Sierra Pons
I have modified the jetty options increasing the acceptors , etc

My jetty now looks like this:

Carte uses an embedded jetty server. Include this next section only if you want to change the default jetty configuration options.

The linux carte slaves are working perfectly with the default values.

Let's see how it goes
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Juan Sierra Pons
There is no improvement. At this moment the only workaround is to increase the timeout to ensure the job id is returned :(