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 change and add data flow

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Pieter Visser posted 12-02-2022 04:46
Hello team,


I have a challenge. The customer has a GAD environment. Active active. Quorum disk is at primary location.

They have a vmware cluster named cluster-esx10 this cluster has esx hosts. On primary and sedundary location. And multiple luns mapped. These luns are have GAD-PAIR status.

Now it comes. Customer has a new esx cluster called cluster-esx40. This cluster also has hosts at both locations, and have this cluster in use. The old and new cluster have different host_groups on CL3-A and CL4-A.


In Ops Replication there is a data flow and node named cluster-esx10. and use a policy GAD.

All volumes are connected to this data-flow.

However, the old cluster esx10 has been reused and has retained two LDEVs (luns) from the old cluster. The other LDEVs (luns) have been transferred to the new cluster "cluster-esx40" now I want ops protector to be set up in such a way that there will be a new dataflow and node with LDEVs that are mapped to those clusters.


I don't want the GAD volumes to have to be rebuilt from scratch.


What is the correct and/or best way to achieve this.

I'd love to hear your hints and tips.


Ps, additional problem is that customer is still using outdated version ops center.


Sincerely, Pieter Visser

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Mark Hickey
Hi Pieter,
  I think what you are saying is as follows:
  • the old esx-10 cluster is only using 2 LDEVs
  • the new esx-40 cluster is using another group of LDEVs
  • the GAD contains all of the LDEVS that used to be used by esx-10
 Is this correct?