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 E-590 Latency

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shivam aggarwal posted 05-01-2023 02:12

Hi Team,

We are facing very high latency in our E-590 Array, In this array we have all NVMe drives but still we are facing very high latency.

Please let me know how can I decrease the array latency.

Thanks & Regards,
Shivam Aggarwal

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Antonius Schwefer

Hi Shivam,

low latency can have many reasons.
Is the latency in general high?
Where there any changes done in the configuration prior you recognized higher latency?
How about Cache Write Pending Rate and Processor utilization?

Bests regards


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Sumit Keshri

Hi Shivam, 

There are many reasons for high latency in the VSP E590 storage array, such as MP or Drive or cache bottleneck issues. 

For the detailed analysis, we need performance export data as well as a detailed dump and it is not possible in the community to upload such large files. 

To address this concern in a clear picture, it is recommended to open a case with Hitachi Vantara support, where a qualified Hitachi engineer can review the detailed dump and performance export data to conduct a thorough analysis of the resource metrics.