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 ETL Metadata Injection broken in PDI CE 9.4?

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Antonio Petrella posted 03-07-2023 09:40

Hello everyone, 

 I have a pipeline working fine in PDI CD 9.3 that injects data through the ETL metadata injection step into a simple transformation that has only two steps: a Data Grid and a Pentaho Reporting Output (see example below):

After changing PDI engine to version 9.4 the above pipeline doesn't work. The error that I get is:

Error from ETL Metadata Injection step

The problem seems to happen whenever we try to use ETL Metadata Injection with a target transformation that has the Pentaho Reporting Output step. In fact if we remove such Pentaho Reporting Output, the error disappears and the pipeline works just fine.

In addition, the injectable fields from Pentaho Reporting Output are not displayed in the ETL metadata injection dialog for PDI version 9.4:

Dialog for ETL Metadata injection in PDI CE 9.4

but in PDI version 9.3 they are present:

Dialog of ETL Metadata Injection step from PDI CE 9.3 with injectable fields for Pentaho Reporting Output
Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
Thank you,
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Petr Prochazka

Hi Antonio,

Metadata Inject step is as separated plugin included in plugins directory. You can delete metastore.jar in plugins/pentaho-reporting-plugins/lib directory. But I don't known if this resolve your problem and problem returns with another class in another jar.

IMHO It is concept problem of plugins in v9.4. Plugin lib directory must not contain any jar which is in standard lib directory.

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Antonio Petrella

Thanks Petr, removing the metastore.jar indeed helped with the this specific pipeline but it could reoccur with other classes. 

Hopefully the plugin concept problems will be fixed in the next release.