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Javier Alejandro Camargo Soto posted 02-04-2024 14:21

Hello everyone,

Please can you help me or share the procedure to be able to migrate the data that I have in 2 Storages that are not VSPs to a VSP E590 with ops center.

thank you so much.

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William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen

Hello Javier

There are 2 things you can do with virtualization:

  • Virtualize external volumes in a pass through and then migrate internally. 
  • Virtualize external volumes to use as a capacity pool on a Hitachi Array.

For the first use case you can take a look here:

Virtualize External Volume

After you virtualized it you can migrate it to an internal pool at your convenience. 

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dhruv kalia

there are 3 phases to migrate old data this is UVM migration

1.Virtualisation - see in video create HOST group for new array in old vsp 

Old array is virtualized behind the Exxx.

Virtualizing in Ops Center: E-VOL will get LDEV ID assigned during GUI process
Virtualizing with raidcom: must do separate command to map LDEV ID to E-VOL

2.Cut over-

- Shutdown hosts being migrated (for clusters with SR/PGR, must shutdown before virtualization)
- Remove zones to source array ports
- Add zones to target array ports
- Boot up servers and verify virtualized LUNs present
- Verify multipathing, file systems and Apps/DB
- Migrate data from External Volumes to Internal Volumes (EXXXDP or HDT volumes) using:
a) Migration Volumes in Ops Center Admin
1) Navigate to 'External Volumes' window
2) Select volumes to migrate
3) Click 'Migrate Volumes' button
4) Select 'Target Pool'
5) Set Volume Settings 
6) Task Settings: choose Migrate Now;
     set Migration Task Name=
7) Click Submit"
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Hello @Javier,

Here's a breakdown of the process for migrating external storage data to a Hitachi VSP E590 using Hitachi Ops Center.
Identify the model, make, and connectivity details (e.g., FC, iSCSI) of your existing storage systems. Understand the available storage pools, LUN sizes, and access configurations on your VSP E590. Determine the size, type (e.g., block, file), and any specific requirements of the data you'll be migrating. It's highly recommended to create a backup of your data on the source storage systems before proceeding. Ensure your source storage systems can connect to the VSP E590 using compatible protocols (e.g., FC HBAs for Fibre Channel).

Track the progress of the migration job within Ops Center. If any errors occur, Ops Center should provide notifications and error messages. Refer to the Hitachi documentation for troubleshooting steps. Once the migration is complete, verify the data integrity and accessibility on the VSP E590.

Consider the network bandwidth available between your source storage and the VSP E590. Large data migrations might take significant time. The migration process might temporarily impact the performance of both source and target storage systems. Schedule migrations during off-peak hours if possible.