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 Instead of deploying the OpsCenter through ova, just wanted to know how can we install specific product individually?

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Mounica Vuddagiri posted 11-04-2022 04:02
I'm looking for the process how can we install the product in OpsCenter individually.
Eg: I want to install only protector 

I have installed OpsCenter using OVA using automation scripts, sometimes protector installation is not successful due to timeout in the script.
So, in such cases is there is a simple way where we can install single product at a time like Administrator/Protector/Analyzer/Automator.......  

can anyone help me out to get to know this process of individual product installation.
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Vikash Taank
Individual Product installation is possible.
Please Refer -
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Prasenjit Chatterjee

To add further value to Vikash's comment , below is the download link for the Protector standalone version.

Download the protector software distribution binary. In a nutshell, if you are installing on a VM then one VM will be for Master and the other one will be for ISM, protector master must be installed first then go ahead for ISM, the rest everything can be found in the document whose link has been shared by Vikash. Hope this will help you.