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 Is there a public Jira instance for PDI CE?

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posted 01-10-2023 00:00
I am working on upgrading from 7.1 to 9.4. I am trying to track down a change. Google has led me to Unfortunately, it appears all projects on that instance are now private, so I cannot determine if that issue will help me move forward.
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Justin Phebey
This is something that I raised too, back in August last year.  

If no one here can explain the current situation with regards to the open source project then a mod here needs to raise it with the right person inside Hitachi.

I say that because it seems like a mistake that someone has changed the configuration on Jira to lock the public out but they're still using the free Jira version that is only intended for open source projects.  Since Hitachi are in breach of Jira's licensing I would have thought someone would want to clarify how bug reporting should be handled going forward and rectify this mistake if indeed it is one.  Not sure if enterprise clients have access to Jira either but if they do and those issues are pushed into the open source work load without creating a corresponding Github issue then there's no oversight to the public even if it's fixed within the open source part of the project.  We currently have no release notes since this change occurred as Jira used to be used to generate these with all the resolved issues into a release version.  

It really doesn't make sense to make the Jira system private as any issues discovered at present can only be reported on Github but then I think the developers use Jira and quote the Jira issues, so we end up with two systems at cross purposes with one another.  The code is probably commented in various places with corresponding Jira issues so to understand the open source code people need read access to Jira.

I hope this can be escalated with someone.


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Steven Maring

So, here's the story:

The Pentaho Jira is a server instance.  Atlassian stopped support and won't even renew licenses.  Our license ran out more than a year ago.  We found ourselves in a situation where we were unable to perform security updates and we were getting slammed by spammers.  Around the time our license ran out we lost the ability to serve read-only to anonymous users.  We had been working with Atlassian on our migration plan for what seems like years now, but putting off the migration to cloud as the existing migration tooling wasn't serving our needs and we had a great deal of custom integrations that needed to be implemented.

Its been a long time coming, but we are finally getting this done.  We are tentatively planning to migrate to, where the wiki was migrated to, starting FEB 3rd.  We will send out notices to all existing users early next week regarding the migration.  Once the migration is complete, the content will once again be anonymously readable and anybody will be able to join.  Atlassian does a much better job of weeding out the spammers than we were capable of doing.  That is why we had to shut off new signups a few months back.  We couldn't update to stop the bots from successfully signing up and spamming.

If you aren't already a user on and would like access before the migration you can contact Pentaho support and we will create an account for you.

Also, we are aware that the public Confluence wiki content is terribly out-of-date.  I believe that will start to get the updating it deserves after the Jira migration.


HV Eng DevOps

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Justin Phebey
Hi Steven,

Thanks for sharing the update on what's been going on and the good news on it being resolved soon.

At some point it wasn't just anonymous access that got closed off.  I'm the originator of a bug ticket on there (PDI-17134) which I used to get email notifications for.  The last of these was received 14.01.2022 but at some point following that I could no longer log in.

As for the wiki, I think there's a wider problem with the open source project in that the information is spread across quite a few different locations and a lack of information describing who manages / main contributors to it, what the purpose of the various Github repositories are for.  There are many more repositories than just the suite of tools and the server.  It would be good if there were an overview of these things rather than trying to recreate user manual documentation that perhaps already exists or in part is covered by the HV training portal free resources.  At present someone could discover Pentaho through a number of different channels (such as below) but then there is little sign posting / overview of how it all fits together.  It would be good to see the wiki as some kind of welcome jumping off point to ease someone into a bit of background behind the various constituent parts of the project / tool set.

* Github repositories
* SourceForge (zipped releases but project information out of date) - why not just create releases on Github?
* Hitachi Vantara - I believe some open source docs are available here too which blurs where the open source project is being managed or where all the resources should be found.
* HV training portal - although this is probably targeted at EE, most / if not all the free resources are relevant to the OS equivalent tools.
* / - are these fully retired now, does the old forum content live on?

The above also causes some confusion around licensing as I'm sure these various locations state different licenses are applicable so perhaps the wiki could also clear that up.

Kind regards