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 Ops Center Administrator - How to not use the Label Suffix when creating multiple volumes

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Richard Foote posted 09-03-2023 18:47

Hello y'all.

In Ops Center Administrator, can someone please tell me how to 'disable' the Label Suffix field when creating multiple volumes?

For example, I want to create 5 volumes with the same label "C1234", which might be a billing code for use by the REST API. But when I try to do this in Ops Center Administrator, it always appends a suffix to the label I type in so the five volumes end up with labels like this:

C12341, C12342, C12343, C12344, C12345

which is not the billing code text expected by the app that gets the REST API output.

Does anyone know of a way to turn off the label suffix, i.e. how can I leave the field 'blank' so it does not activate all the time? Unfortunately there does not seem to be anything in the Administrator User Guide about how to do this.

Thanks in advance

Richard Foote

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Prasenjit Chatterjee

Hi Richard,

It is very simple, just don't put any number in the "Label Suffix" field while creating volume, for easy in understanding please refer to the below screenshots.

Post completion of volume creation jobs filtered out the above created volumes

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Richard Foote

HI Team. Actually, I found out from support this is a bug in version 10.9.1. It is fixed in version 10.9.2.

Hello Richard.
I have taken ownership of Case Number 04235696. Unfortunately, you are experiencing a known issue in version 10.9.1.  The fix is in version 10.9.2. You will need to upgrade to 10.9.2 to apply the fix.
I hope the above helps. 
Scott Stokes
Hitachi Vantara Global Support


Perhaps Prasenjit's instance of Ops Center is already at a version that contains the bug fix. So be sure to always upgrade Ops Center to the latest version. It has a lot of bugs right now and these are being patched regularly by support.

Richard Foote