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 Parameters are not passed to sub tranformation in pentaho 9.3

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Lex van Rossum posted 02-06-2023 04:32


Within one job I use a parameter with a static input value that is passed to sub tranformation. The parameter is set to 1 for transformation number 1 and 2 for 2, until 5 for number 5. In the ktr I use the parameter in the where clause of a query.

This works good in pentaho 9.1. Now I want to switch to pentaho 9.3 (Long time support) but the tranformations fail sometimes (feels like the lottery).

Anybody an idea? any pointers?

Thanks in advanced!

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Stephen Donovan Best Answer

If you are running in parrallel, you may have hit a caching issue with the parameter.

"MetaFileLoaderCache causes Incorrect Behavior/Results with Parallel Execution"

This is fixed in 9.4 (EE and CE) and in (EE).