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 Pentaho default maven repo can't be reached due to network issue, do we have an install script to upload these kettle related jar to a private/local maven repo?

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posted 09-13-2023 04:31

Hi, there

we are in the middle of kettle development, integrated the kettle job in a java spring web application. 

based on the document:

in this way, we are calling the kettle in the java application. so we need such kettle jar file in the maven build script

based on the github doc, we use maven setting file:

however. due to network issue and security policy, we can't direct use maven repo listed below

so, the question is, do we have a local solution for such maven dependencies? as i can image, such as uploading all kettle jars to our local private nexus maven repo.

do we have such install shell script? we found that it has 100+ jar files need to be processed, manually uploading to our local nexus maven repo is not a good choice

what we need is two artifacts' all dependencies listed below in our local nexus maven repo


thx for your time.

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Petr Prochazka


if you're using Nexus manager, so add proxy repository to Nexus.

Or you can call dependency plugin. Basic usage is this: mvn dependency:copy-dependencies -Dmdep.addParemtPoms=true -Dmdep.copyPom=true -Dmdep.useRepositoryLayout=true