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 Pentaho Metadata Editor - Ability to define Filter criteria on Business Table

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Kshitija Marathe posted 04-03-2024 07:57

I am looking for a way to define constraint / filter criteria on Business table.

for e.g:

(`t1`.`c1`) AS C1
(`t1`.`c2` = ('ABC'))

Here (`t1`.`c2` = ('ABC')) is the constraint can be defined on Business table t1 using Calculation property. Want to check how it will take effect when query will get generated using this table t1.

Can you please confirm whats the use of Business Table -> Calculation property in Pentaho by default. 

Is there any way through which we can define constraint / filter criteria on Business table?

Looking forward for your assistance here.

Thanks & Regards,

Kshitija Marathe

CC: @Subhashish Mitra