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 pentaho-server 9.1 shedule can not run

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wen maoyu posted 04-25-2023 22:46

hello, I deploy the pentaho server 9.1 on the linux,and set the mysql 5.7 as resource database。
when i click the jobs through the brower,but the job did not run,and the log has no error infomation.
could you please tell me how to resolve this problem?
thank you.

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Hi Wen,
this looks at then you schedule job only not run. When you run in browser then new tab is opened in Opened section.

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Nicolas Hernandez

How, exactly, do you get your log for the scheduled jobs? I have been not able to find logs and open them. Thanks

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Hi Nicolas,

IMHO scheduler does not logging anything, only errors. This can be find in standard log file tomcat/logs/pentaho.log on server.

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Stephen Donovan

The scheduler kicks off the jobs, but where they run is subject to architecture.  If only running on a single server the <pentaho-server>/pentaho/kettle/status page will show all the logging for the jobs and transforms executed locally.