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 Raidinf not longer available ??

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Eric Hoffmann posted 08-25-2023 09:39

Hi all, 

my customer use Config_Report_CLI (raidinf) for a while with Hitachi Product.

This tool was always distributed on the Customer CD for each code avaliable for all Hitachi Product ( VSP, VSP G1x00 etc..).

He has recently acquired several VSP 5600 and try to update/install the new Config_Report_CLI (raidinf).

For unkonwn reason , this tool is no longer available under Customer CD for SVOS RF 9.8.7.

Latest ECN (Ver. 90-09-21-00/00,)  is still refering to Support for Config Report CLI Ver. 01-02-03/17

Anyone knows where i can download this tool  "Config Report CLI Ver. 01-02-03/17 " ?

Thanks for help


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Hello Eric

Thanks for this question, I learned something new today. 

I also couldn't find it in the latest microcode CD's or any other places I typically look. I'll ask the SVOS engineers about it. 

If you'd like, could you explain what you want out of the report? Maybe I can direct you to a similar report/functionality? Have you seen the asset reports in Clear Sight as an example(might be similar to what you're looking for)? 

Best Regards


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Seems like there is a new version on the G1500 Tools CD. Thanks @Vinod Subramaniam, for pointing that out.