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 Release date for PBA 9.5 CE

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Lukas Gedvilas posted 06-13-2023 10:28

Hello all,

We're upgrading our Pentaho servers to 9.5 at work, but I see that for now there's only Enterprise Edition available. The latest CE release is still 9.4 .

Is it known when the 9.5 CE is going to be packaged and released?

What's the usual delay between EE and CE releases?

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Prasad Illapani

Hi Lukas,

We don't have any specific updates to be released in 9.5 for Pentaho CE version.

Pentaho- 9.3 & 9.4 CE releases are still available to download  in the community portal page.  



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Lukas Gedvilas

Hi @Prasad Illapani ,

Thanks for your answer.

But isn't it concerning that there have been 16 security vulnerabilities discovered for Pentaho just during this year (so far)? (source:

These vulnerabilities are fixed for the Enterprise Edition. But what about the Community Edition? Unless there's a 9.5 CE release, there's nothing that can be done for people using any version of the Community Edition, right?



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I see some 9.5 builds in the repo. Are there any official updates on the availability of 9.5?