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 Storage Assessment with Actionable Items

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Sudhir BISHT posted 03-24-2024 11:28

Dear All,  We've a E-Series Storage and we want to do Storage Assessment and Improvements/Recommendations.

For sure, Mr. William gave us few tips like 'Health Check', and Analyzer Detailed View, Export2 etc. However, we are also looking for some ''Actionable Items' along with the plain reporting, and we don't seem to find them anywhere. For instance, reports shows Pools as critical, ldevs critical, Ports critical, but nowhere it tells what to do next on it. What to look for and what are next steps to rectify the situation. Or, may be we are missing it somewhere in reports 🤔.

We have other major Storage vendors, and their 'Health Reports 'do tell us what to do and what to look for. Like one of our 3rd Party big frame, tells us that we're únder cached', metadata space is getting low, and we need to either increase the physical cache, or remove tdevs. Which ones are hitting write-pending limits etc. It tells, which tdevs are not-mapped, no-masked, not-srdf, not-bound and can be get rid of, which storage groups have recently started hitting the thresholds etc.

Similarly, for another vendor frame(IBM), indicates, that 26.3TB isn't used and can be reclaimed. Set the estimated data reduction ratio to improve calculation accuracy of projected capacity etc etc. Lots of amazing insights and what and where to look at.

But, in Hitachi we don't get that kind of info. Or, did we missed something here. Please advise.  Point us to the correct docs to refer to. Or, how can we exploit 'Discovery Services' mentioned by Mr. William.  Any docs will be greatly appreciated.  BR

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Jim Hill Best Answer

Hi Sudhir,

I manage the Discovery Services that William spoke about.  Would be happy to run you through the details and demo the insights that we can provide with Data Discovery.  We cover many of the things you are mentioning including but not limited to stranded storage, performance impacts and potential causes, and deviation from best practices.  I will reach out through email with some potential times to review with you next week and see if the outputs align with what you are looking for.