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 Trail env - Failure to access repository via API

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Keren Surujon posted 02-01-2023 10:20

I am using the 30 days trail env.

I created a repository in spoon and see the .kettle file automatically updated with it.

I created a transformation (.ktr)  and imported the file to the repository.


Trying in postman:


rep:  my_rep

rep_transforamtion_name:   %2Fhome%2FGettingStartedTransformation.ktr


I am getting:




  <message>Unexpected error executing the transformation:


Unable to find repository: my_rep



When I am trying



transforamtion_name :      C:%2FPentaho%2Fdesign-tools%2Fdata-integration%2Fsamples%2Ftransformations%2FAdd a sequence - Basic example


I am getting



  <message>Missing mandatory parameter rep</message>




 Could you please advice how to run the transformation via repository and locally in the trail env.