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 Which SNMP message Administrator can monitor?

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Changup Yi posted 02-05-2024 01:01

Hi All,

I'm testing Administrator's alert.

User guide says 'You can monitor hardware devices'. It feels unclear for me

All SNMP message send to rainier. But not all SIM message can monitored by Administrator.

Where can I find the list of SNMP message can be monitored by Administrator?

Thanks in advance.

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Prasenjit Chatterjee

Hi Changup,

Good day!

Please download the Administrator user guide from the below link it will require your login and go to "Monitor Block Storage Section from there you will get the desire details.

As per the user guide below note must be read:

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Changup Yi

Hi Prasenjit,

Thanks for reply.

I read this manual. it still makes me confusing.

There was remote path blockade error. It is sorted into processor. (Alert notification VSP 5000 user guide)

However remote path block is not reported on administrator dashboard.

Only actual hardware fault is monitored? But some of informative message is monitored.

Administartor User guide also said there is some descriptions in installation media.

Regarding this question, MIB file says "Rainier will not update the component for non supported SNMP traps"

If there is no detailed non supported SNMP trap lists. it may the best to think as only hardware failure can be monitored. I cannot test all traps.