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Posted By yudho wibowo 11-20-2019 08:06
Found In Community: Network Attached Storage​
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Hi,   i have trouble on cifs share, cifs shared dont want to be called on windows system. for cifs share we not used AD, following the scenario that I have configured :   EVS : hnasProd1 ( , ag1), FileSystem : ComVault_FS01, Mode : Mixed (windows and unix), path share : /home1   and i called ...
Posted By yudho wibowo 09-26-2019 12:47
Found In Community: Pentaho
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curenttly I was configuring the hnas cluster using virtual smu, and on the documentation that I read to create the hnas cluster on first time the default ip is (for ip cluster). my question is, for the ip cluster on hnas cluster it must be use private ip Can it be replaced with ...