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Posted By Bernard Lam 03-30-2021 19:45
Found In Community: Hitachi Content Platform​
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AWS Tools for Powershell   Get-S3Object -BucketName -EndPointUrl | Format-Table   ETag                BucketName Key        LastModified     Owner         Size StorageClass ----                ---------- ---        ------------     -----         ---- ------------ 59b41d45fccb5cf2f870ff0e20fe4120 ...
Posted By Bernard Lam 06-01-2020 18:31
Found In Community: Flash Storage​
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Can anyone make sense of how to list snapshots in HDID? /HDID/master/MetaDataAggregator/objects/FullRecoverableData/ endpoint only seems to list some of the snapshots. How snapshots are referenced via API is otherwise not very well explained in the reference guide. Thanks. Bernard #FlashStorage #Hit ...