NEXT 2019 – Don’t Miss Key Breakout Sessions on Application Modernization and Cloud Acceleration

By Brendan Mangus posted 09-26-2019 15:20


NEXT 2019 is the first smart conference for data pioneers and the world’s premier event for education, networking and engagement around the convergence of data, analytics and advanced IT infrastructure and operations. This year’s event will underscore the many ways Hitachi Vantara helps its customers and partners to accelerate innovation through our emphasis on making DataOps a competitive advantage and key differentiator in their businesses. At Hitachi Vantara, we define DataOps as the data practice for the AI era, connecting data consumers with data creators to accelerate collaboration and digital innovation.

Application modernization and cloud acceleration are two key components of our DataOps story and critical areas of interest for businesses hoping to use data to drive innovation. Cloud performance and deployment, DataOps and the strategies surrounding access and utilization of data will be pivotal to your organization’s growth not only in just the coming year but also in the coming decades. Hitachi Vantara is a leader in helping organizations optimize and accelerate their cloud strategies across public, private, and hybrid clouds. We know how to achieve the right mix of cost optimization, IT agility, security and data governance.

NEXT 2019 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from October 8 – 10 so there is still time to secure your tickets and book travel to this can’t-miss event.

We have a full slate of speakers discussing a wide range of Hitachi Vantara products, services and success stories (the complete schedule can be found here) but we would like to highlight a few select sessions that pertain directly to our cloud story.

Below is a list of sessions pertaining to application modernization and cloud acceleration:

Expert Tips For Executing Your Multicloud Strategy
Wednesday, Oct 9
2:15 - 3:00pm
Adopting and executing a hybrid and multicloud strategy has become a
business and IT imperative. However, not all enterprises are ready or have
the required knowledge to get there. Without a well-defined multicloud
strategy, enterprises risk losing valuable time and resources – making them
less competitive. To leverage the power of the cloud, Hitachi Vantara and
our global Cloud Partner ecosystem have joined forces to provide real-world
examples of what works and what doesn’t. Join this panel session, where
experts will provide insights based on lessons learned from multicloud
strategy execution in various enterprises. You will learn about:
• Best practices to protect your existing IT infrastructure investments
• Minimizing disruptions to your business as you drive the cloud strategy
• Conducting cost- benefit analysis to establish the right metrics and
benchmark the services
The panel of cloud service provider (CSP) partners will share how they
overcame hurdles and helped enterprise IT optimize their environments
after moving to multicloud.

Ensure Compliance, Security and Governance in the Cloud
Wednesday, Oct 9
3:15 - 4:00pm
How do you maintain continuous cloud security even as your cloud resources
change frequently? And how do you maintain your regulatory, compliance,
risk and governance objectives? Discover how Hitachi Vantara’s cloud platform
offers you infrastructure validation, security assessment and remediation
with actionable intelligence. See how you can support continuous compliance
in your cloud.
• Learn about the platform’s functionality and capability to support continuous
compliance in your cloud.
• Hear about tools and best practices to support a holistic cloud security
• See demonstrations of the platform technologies and how they integrate to
give you cloud security at scale.

Get A Competitive Edge By Automating Your App Modernization
Thursday, Oct 10
11:00 - 11:45am
The next big thing in your cloud journey is not just where applications are
run - but how well they are migrated, modernized and then, securely run.
In this session, you’ll learn about:
• How to deploy secure, hyperscale, workload migration and application
modernization solutions using infrastructure-as-code (IaC) and automation
• How to accelerate your cloud journey and how DevSecOps and fully
automated, low-code development platforms serve as disruptive catalysts
• How to leverage best practices from real examples that show how our
commitment and expertise in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and
Google Cloud Platform have fueled our customer’s cloud transformation
See how we make it simple for you to deliver an efficient and effective
managed digital transformation platform which is consistent across
on-premises cloud, hybrid environments and multi-cloud and enabled
for enterprise-grade security and global scale.

Deliver Multicloud Benefits for Virtualized Apps
Thursday, Oct 10
2:15 - 3:00pm
Over three-quarters of enterprise IT organizations are using cloud resources
today and the use of multiple cloud providers is growing rapidly. As these
multicloud efforts gain traction, many enterprises struggle to realize all the
benefits these deployments have to offer. In this session you will learn:
• How to implement the new VMware cloud capabilities faster and more
thoroughly in your enterprise
• How your applications virtualized with VMware can move to multiple cloud
environments easily, reliably and securely
• How to use Hitachi’s expertise in helping you achieve multicloud capabilities
for your VMware virtualized applications

Build an Automated Hybrid Cloud
Thursday, Oct 10
4:15 - 5:00pm
Because hybrid cloud is quickly becoming the optimum IT consumption
model, many of your peers are now adopting it. It gives you many advantages,
including the agility and scale of public cloud with the control and compliance
of a private data center. Learn how to build a true hybrid cloud with Hitachi
and VMware Cloud Foundation. This hybrid cloud is scalable, secure and
simple to operate. Join us as we take you through the seamless workload
migration to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, as well as automated
bring-on, secure tenant partitioning, easy life cycle management and
integrated security.

Training Sessions

Create, Manage and Implement Blueprints, Pipelines and Automation for Cloud Applications
(Training Session)
It takes a lot of effort to design blueprints, develop pipelines and deploy
an application into the cloud with automation. If your goal is to manage
infrastructure as a code (IaC) in the cloud, you need to create consistency
and repeatability in these processes. In this session, we’ll take you through
the process and best practices for creating blueprints, pipelines and automation
with the Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform. You’ll also learn how
to manage, iterate and catalog them for repeatable implementation in the
cloud. See first-hand how to build a blueprint, create a pipeline and deploy
an application into the cloud with automation.

Achieve Application Modernization with the Cloud
(Training Session)
Learn how to streamline, simplify and automate the process of managing
migrated applications in the cloud with Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform.
Free up resources for other strategic efforts, achieve your modernization
strategy through fast and seamless application transformation and fulfill
your DevOps and DevSecOps mission with simplified skill requirements. Join
us for a hands-on experience to discover how Hitachi Cloud Services and
Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform can help you accomplish digital transformation.
We will demonstrate how to automate patch management activities
while maintaining compliance.

Deploy Applications with Velocity, Efficiency and Accuracy to the Cloud
(Training Session)
It is challenging and time-consuming to move applications to the cloud. With
the Hitachi Cloud Services and Hitachi Cloud Accelerator Platform, migration
and deployment can happen quickly, efficiently and repeatably. In less than
30 minutes, you can increase business agility and reduce resource requirements
by migrating and deploying applications to well-known cloud platforms
such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.
With the right tools, you can design your IT infrastructure visually and intuitively,
generate infrastructure as code (IaC) and deploy and configure the
infrastructure in the cloud. In this session, get first-hand experience as you
securely deploy a migrated application to the cloud.

We’re excited to see you and your colleagues at NEXT 2019! For additional information about the event and questions, visit the NEXT 2019 website.