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 How to get REST API response from Analyzer detail view using CURL?

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AgL Storage Ops posted 03-26-2022 06:21
I have been trying to get some data from ops analyzer detail view using CURL and REST API, but I end up with a response as below.

"error":"Mandatory parameter {dataset} not specified"

This is what I have been using :

curl -k -v -u uname:pwd -H "Authorization: Basic cmVzdGFwaTpTdG9yYWdlQDEyMw==" -X GET https://detailviewIP:8443/

Please help in resolving this issue.
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Vinod Subramaniam Best Answer
You are missing the dataset. See examples below.


curl -k -1 -H 'Authorization:Basic YWRtaW46SGl0YWNoaUAxMjM=' 'https://localhost:8443/' -H 'Content-Type:application/json' -d '{"query":"*raidStorage[=name rx .*]/raidClpr[@utilization rx b .+][@writePendingRate rx b .+]","startTime":"20180531_000000","endTime":"20180531_235900"}' -o ./perf/raidClpr.out