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Posted By Shubhadip Pal 10-11-2023 11:25
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Migrating GAD Pairs Non-disruptively using GAD   Introduction This blog shows how to migrate global-active device (GAD) pairs from a Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F1500 (VSP F1500) storage system to a VSP E1090 storage system non-disruptively. This migration was tested in ...
Posted By Shubhadip Pal 11-04-2022 13:00
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Raid comparison from Hitachi documentations.  Reliability Index: RAID6(6D+2P) > RAID6(14D+2P) >> RAID1(4D+4D) = RAID1(2D+2D) = RAID5(3D+1P) > RAID5(7D+1P) Performance index: RAID6(14D+2P) > RAID5(7D+1P) > RAID1(4D+4D) > RAID6(6D+2P) > RAID1(2D+2D) = RAID5(3D+1P) Space efficiency index: RAID5 (7D+1P) ...
Posted By Shubhadip Pal 11-03-2022 12:09
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Minimum size for one Virtual LUN volume :48,000 KB Maximum size for one Virtual LUN volume : Internal volume: 2.99 TB |  External volume: 4 TB ------------------------------ Shubhadip Pal Hardware Test Engineer - Advanced Hitachi Vantara ------------------------------