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Posted By tara patel 03-22-2023 02:37
Found In Egroup: Flash Storage​
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Yes, it is possible to generate a report in G600 that contains Node_name or Host_group name, Assigned_LUN_ID, assigned_LUN_Size, LUN_Pool, Port_ID, and other relevant information. You can use the CLI (Command Line Interface) or the Unisphere GUI (Graphical User Interface) to generate such a report. The ...
Posted By tara patel 03-17-2023 04:37
Found In Community: Converged & Hyperconverged Infrastructure
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To remove a tray from a VSP Gx00 and remove it from the configuration, you should follow these steps: Power off the tray using the appropriate procedure for your system. Remove the tray physically from the system.    MyAdvocateAurora Health Use the "Remove Tray" function in the Storage Navigator to remove ...