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Jason Hardy
Have we posted any of the API guides outside of the product?  I'd like to be able to reference the API's w/o having to have a running instance of HCI.   Thanks! -Jason

Jon Chinitz
This plugin collection will be released officially in 1.4. It now includes the CIFS connector which allows you to connect to an SMB network share in much the same way that you connect to an HCP namespace. With this connector there is no need to mount the CIFS share and use the LFS connector to crawl it. NOTE: please use this on a test instance.
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I've extracted pdi-ce- on a CentOS 7.5 server. All of the appropriate OS dependencies have been installed and when starting, it appears to start cleanly.   However, when the XWindow GUI launches on my Windows workstation, I can see the "Welcome to Pentaho Data Integration" screen, but all of the Menus and Tabs appear to