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bhuvankumar kuppannagari
We are going to setup new Netbackup environment with Master and Media server of version 8.0 and would like to connect HCP as backend storage, I would like to know whether we any plug in required to have the HCP storage

Amandeep b Singh
We have multiple domain in our environment having multiple AD servers in addition to that local user and groups accounts created on HNAS for authentication. Currently, EVS security is set Individual for every EVS. Now, we are seeing performance issues with the DC authentication where response time goes upto 1-10 seconds and connection breaks due
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Pedro Goncalves
Mondrian Data Integration Pentaho Reporting Data Mining Online Analytical Processing server (OLAP). Allows business users to analyze large and complex amounts of data in real-time.   Description  Analyze all your data in real-time Analyzing huge quantities of data has never been that easy. With Mondrian, an open source