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Greetings! We have a Hitachi TagmaStore DF700M (AMS500) modular storage system. Last day we decided to transfer it to other datacenter. The system was powered off for about 10 hours. When we powered it again, but the main controller won't boot. Last message in the log:   C0 HE503 Backend down[Unit# ERR] (Unit-03)   We think that the

David Marlow
I'm having a hard time getting a small java program integrated with Spoon. My not understanding much how to use the user Defined java class I think is the biggest problem. This Code works as java: package getlinks; import; import; import; import
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Sivapriya Sivaprakasam
Hi Team,   If we need to utilize PDI tool in order to enable Receiving data, Transforming data and moving to a different database whether it is open source of the client or we should enable community or enterprise licenses for the same?   Whether PDI can run the transformations in a stream (real time) instead of scheduling it as job?