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Koji Watanabe
There are already a number of interesting contributions available in this community looking at various aspects of this topic. This blog is intended to give an overview of these different aspects and to assist with navigation to more detailed content.   Managing the complexity and total cost of ownership in the Data Center is a challenge for

Amol Bhoite
The importance of achieving continuous business operations for your organization is something most cannot afford to underestimate. This is true even for some test environments. The importance of data backup and recovery, especially when dealing with business-critical database workloads should be taken seriously as data loss can lead to huge
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Marcos Borio
Hi members! I am working with Pentaho Server 6.1 and I need to integrate a report (made in PRD 5.4). The report works as I expect but I must find a solution to a little problem to put the report in production environment. The report is using a CDA data set and I need to specify a dynamic "server URL" (according with the customers environment). I
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Fazil Saiyed
Guys, Any one who can point me to HDS firmware upgrade procedure ? i know its done by the CE but i just need to check Release notes & get better understanding of the upgrade process. i.e does it take redundent cash/controllers/MPu offline\online ? Could a host loose connection to storage system if it has one path to the lun, i assume while
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Ken Wood
REAL! Real-time IoT data stream available for Pentaho Analysis and Visualization Everyone knows how hard it is to get access to real-time data feeds. Well, here is a chance to access real-time data using a 3D LiDAR motion sensor.       There has been a lot of talk about the new 3D LiDAR (Light Radar) motion sensor from Hitachi LG