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Announcing Hitachi Content Intelligence v1.4:  What's New? - Part 1 of 6

By Michael Pacheco posted 03-25-2019 00:00


Hitachi Content Intelligence delivers a flexible and robust solution framework for comprehensive discovery and quick exploration of critical business data and storage operations.

Whether your data is on-premises, off-premises, in the cloud, structured, or unstructured, Hitachi Content Intelligence (Content Intelligence) delivers a powerful framework of tools for connecting to, transforming, and acting upon organizational data to maximize the value of it for better business outcomes.

Using the Content Intelligence Workflow Designer, you can create customized workflows to connect to all of your data repositories, transform that data with a comprehensive library of processing stages, and then output the data to optimize it for use by downstream applications and users.

Hitachi Content Search (Content Search), delivered with Content Intelligence, provides customized, secure, and federated searches across all of your organizational data sources from a self-service user portal so users can, on a role-based basis, quickly find the data they need whenever required.

Also, included with Content Intelligence is Hitachi Content Monitor (Content Monitor), a tightly-integrated, cost-effective add-on to the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) that delivers near real-time monitoring and performance visualizations of multiple HCP clusters at scale from an interactive dashboard-rich user interface. If you are already using HCP for archiving, compliance, or as part of your larger Data Governance strategy, you should absolutely be using Content Monitor to monitor the operational performance of it. Given its low-cost, easy installation, and robust feature set, it truly is a no-brainer!

Content Intelligence v1.4 delivers many new enhancements to Workflow Designer, Content Search, and Content Monitor. This release includes data connectors to new data sources, processing stages to transform data in new ways, and many other improvements. Not to mention – the newly-updated User Interface looks really nice with a more streamlined user experience!

Want to learn more? Be sure to check out parts 2 through 6 of this blog series via the links below.

What’s new in Content Intelligence v1.4:

  • Content Monitor Features:
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Anomaly Detection and Forecasting
    • Import historical HCP logs
    • New visualization
  • Data Connector Enhancements:
    • New connectors for HCP Anywhere and CIFS
  • Content Search Features:
    • Customize search results with Filter Queries
    • Index maintenance options for bulk-removal of documents
  • Data Processing Enhancements:
    • Decompression stage
    • Attach Stream stage
    • JavaScript stage
    • Compare field values and perform date math within conditionals
    • Improved management of document failures
  • User Interface Enhancements:
    • Streamlined user experience with richer visualizations
    • New Single Sign-On portal
    • Dedicated applications for workflow design and system administration
    • Improved installation wizard

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Thanks for reading!

Michael Pacheco

Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Hitachi Vantara

Follow me on Twitter: @TechMikePacheco




05-04-2022 12:23

Nice Article

11-05-2021 02:50

Hi Michael,

The links of Want to learn more? are not working!

03-26-2019 02:38

Hi, Christie...

Thank you for reading and for the comments. 

Forecasting is included as a key Content Monitor feature for v1.4.

Please let me know if I can help answer any questions.

Have a great day!

03-25-2019 20:15

It is still there :-)

03-25-2019 19:56

Thanks Michael! Great content!

Could you clarify if the "Forcasting" feature was pulled from the 1.4 release?  Or is it still there?