TSN Rabobank Configuration Guide

By Nico Wattrodt posted 01-22-2020 14:06


TSN – Rabobank – Configuration Guide 

List of generic instructions for Rabobank Customer (applicable for Holland) 


Any specific Quote Setup? E.g. Currency or Quote Name Convention 


Installation Option: 


Service, Support and Maintenance related 


Configuration Requirements: 


Rabobank uses their own set of racks, do not configure Minkels Rack on the solutions. 


Additional requirements 

·       Every change to a quote to be done on a new revision. 

·       Always use Hi-Track as the base 

·       If you have specific questions around Rabobank, especially on complex configs please contact: 
Renan de Lima (Config) and Khadija Afzal (Pricing) and Jaspreet Sagoo 

The Key Account Team contacts are:  

Michel De Man Michel.De.Man@hitachivantara.com Account Manager  

Cees Kuijper cees.kuijper@hitachivantara.com Solutions Consultant  

Robert Bosman robert.bosman@hitachivantara.com Commercial Manager