Delivering Stellar SAP Services

Blog Post created by cchaffey Employee on Nov 2, 2017

Part of a global company, itelligence Nordic provides SAP support, management and consultancy to some of the largest businesses in the Nordics.  We spoke with itelligence Nordic’s Sales Manager for Managed Services, and their Director of IT Infrastructure.


Challenge - Switching to SAP HANA

Sales Manager for Managed Services: “In recent years’ demand for managed SAP services has grown dramatically, particularly with the arrival of SAP HANA.  In fact, 50% of our hosting pipeline is based on clients choosing to migrate to SAP HANA.  We fully expect that to increase as SAP reduces support for SAP applications running on other platforms.”


Director of IT Infrastructure: “Many companies are under pressure to reduce operating costs for business-critical SAP applications. Fewer and fewer companies wanted to put up with the cost and hassle of managing the underlying IT infrastructure themselves, and this was preventing them from making a positive decision to switch to HANA...”



Solution - Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for SAP HANA

Director of IT Infrastructure: It’s like playing with Lego!  We can add blocks to clients’ systems in as little as 10 to 15 minutes and just keeping adding blocks until the environment reaches the maximum memory limit as imposed by SAP.  Above that limit, and without the introduction of proprietary multi-socket extensions, SAP requires the environment to be a scale-out solution, as opposed to scale-up solution.  The beauty of UCP is that we can use the same building blocks to support both scale-up and scale-out SAP HANA environments, enabling us to support clients as they grow.”


Outcomes - Delivering Stellar Services to Customers

Director of IT Infrastructure: “Running SAP HANA on Hitachi UCP enables intelligence to offer truly pay-as-you-grow services, which is a real deal-winner for clients.”


Sales Manager for Managed Services: “Thanks to the flexibility of the UCP solution, we can deliver exactly what our clients want, increase satisfaction and keep ahead of the competition.”


Excerpts from: itelligence Nordic Delivers on Client Demands for Stellar SAP Services with Hitachi Unified Compute Platform.