• kettle extract data from impala or hive

    kettle cluster:  master01, slave01, slave02 it's successful to testing while i create new connection for impala or hive, and it can be success while i use local mode or choose the server which i start spoon.sh&#...
    jialong wang
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  • Are there any Zabbix templates available for Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform?

    We use Zabbix for monitoring our network and I'd like to add some monitoring for the VSP G200 that we have installed. I saw a reference suggesting there might be some Zabbix templates on https://support.hds.com/en_us...
    Andy Parkinson
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  • Extending Pentaho Report to include Jfree Dial Chart

    Hi All, I have a requirement of displaying a dial chart on my report, with using Pentaho Report Designer. I do not find any straight forward way to do it. Any idea how it can be done? I have explored writing an exp...
    Rahul b Ram
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  • Good afternoon, please can someone help me with documentation or tutorials for the map component to plot markers and shapes, thanks for your help.

    Good afternoon, please can someone help me with documentation or tutorials for the map component to plot markers and shapes, thanks for your help.
    Renzo Avila
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  • Need of a hitachi nas simulator. Please help

    How and where can I download hitachi NAS simulator
    akshay b vyas
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  • Four ways to find out port wwn

    Hi everyone You can see the four  methods to show the port wwn described below1- Go to the Storage navigator ( GUI ) and then go to the action tap and then go to the component and then click view port location ta...
    Idin Ba
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  • hdca api guide?

    Has anyone found the api guide for hdca?
    Nick Britton
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  • HCP Anywhere API - Unable to Generate Token

    Hi there,   I am having issues in trying to use the HCP Anywhere APIs. We are on VERSION: 2.1.1 and I have a user that has Admin role but I cannot generate a valid token.   Please, I would appreciate you i...
    Chika Emeka-Nweze
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  • How to add supervisor role to HNAS user ?

    The REST API Server does not enforce authentication on its own. Rather,the API server forwards credentials and the NAS server enforces authentication. For file storage, the username must have a role of supervisor. ...
    Sven Weidenmann
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  • VStorageArray API returns an empty result

    Hi all,   I'm querying data from multiple management systems: vCenter is telling me ESX servers are connected to a Hitachi system with id 444440 (based on naa). However the HiCommand StorageArray API does not ...
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  • HCI_createdDateString

    Dear community,   What date does the field "HCI_createdDateString" represent?   Kind regards,   Hedde
    Hedde van der Hoeven
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  • Can we get replication pair details using CM REST API

    Hi   We are using HCS 8.5.3-02. We use CM REST API to automate some reports like Capacity Report, also we wanted to do same for different replications (local & remote) reports. But when I went through CM RES...
    Kayala Raghavendra
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  • Can we fetch NAS details for VSP G Series using SMI-S API???

    Embedded SMI-S Provider on Service Processor(SVP) for Hitachi VSP is giving SAN details (like Disk Drive, Storage Pool, Storage Volumes, Array Group, DP Pool). How can I get NAS details?? Questions 1. Does NAS has a s...
    Pavan Kumar Varanasi
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  • Configuration Manager REST API Queries fail

    Hi. I'm starting to work with Configuration Manager's REST API and after a quite nice start, I'm stuck on the queries. Everything seems to be OK but the queries always return the same error: The specified storage sy...
    Joao Serra
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  • Download the powershell HDS module for VSP

    Hi All   I am new & wanted to download the Powershell module, pls help
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  • How to connect Pentaho to DB Progress

    Hello,,   Im new on pentaho,, i want to know how can i connect pentaho to progress database,, i tried with generic but it doesn´t work.   Thanks for your help. Greetings
    Isabel Cruz
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  • Python scripting using raidcom

    Any python programmers on the list? I've used perl for many years but recently got introduced to python and I'm beginning to really like it. So, I've been working on a python Class module to abstract a lot of the deta...
    Victor Engle
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  • How do I get list of disks, pools, voluems of Hitachi using Rest API

    I tried to get storage systems details of hitachi device using following url https://ipAddress:port/v1/storage-systems But I am getting response from device 404   How do I get those details using java REST API
    Ashok b Kumar
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  • Web Based REST API

    From where I can find the web based REST API for operations like volume provisioning, host management, Pool Management, CHAP, iSCSI and other operations and which Product of Hitachi Data Systems manages all these oper...
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  • Integrate ServiceNow with Hitachi

    We are planning to come up with a solution to integrate ServiceNow with Hitachi Data Systems in the domain of Data Storage. This will be beneficial for the organizations which use ServiceNow as they can leverage the ...
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