• Download the powershell HDS module for VSP

    Hi All   I am new & wanted to download the Powershell module, pls help
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  • Enterprise Offline Viewer

    Enterprise Offline Viewer v1.2.0a     README   Enterprise Configuration Offline Viewer (EOV) is a tools that can view configuration (offline) for Hitachi Enterprise Storage Subsystem, extract all data t...
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  • pairvolchk error

    hello Team,   I am having below error while executing the pairvolchk command Checking replication status pairvolchk -ISI1000 -g HR4UARW_PP_COW -ss pairvolchk : execution error. pairvolchk: [EX_CMDRJE] An ord...
    Vijeta Bhedi
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  • Hello.. Can someone please tell me the default location of *_dblog files on HNAS System/SMU?

    Alap Patwardhan
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  • VSP G1000 - Bash Script to report on Hardware Status using SNMP

    Using Storage Navigator make the changes as shown below to add the SNMP monitoring station.   2. Obtain the MIB file VSPG1000MIB.txt file from the Customer Tools CDROM and place in the home directory.  &...
    Vinod Subramaniam
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  • HTnM Report Generator

    HTnM Report Generator v1.1.2   Is an Automatic Hitachi Report Generator for Tuning Manager software.   How to use & requirement:   - Operating System DATE FORMAT MUST this "nnn mm/dd/yyyy"  ...
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  • javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure

    Hi All,   I am trying to connect to SalesForce from Peataho 6.0.   After giving all the details in SalesForce_Input, I am getting the below error   "javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Received fata...
    Nilesh Purohit
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  • In HAD there is user input plugin, the details of usage are as below

    1. I want to use this plugin to show LDEVs and chekboxes for user to select the particular Ldevs (which is working for me.) 2. I want to send this selection to python based plugin that will perform the virtuliation f...
    Mandeep Singh
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  • HUR & HTI Replication Scripts

    Our replication environment is getting complex with 4 arrays paired together, hundreds of ldve, SRM servers and over 10 horcm files and growing. I would like to know if in your company what are you doing to address s...
    Fazil Saiyed
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  • HDvM Output

    HDvM Output v1.0.2     Is an alternative tools to get Hitachi Device Manager(HCS) output then extracted all to CSV/Excel.   How to use:   - Configure HiCommandCLI.properties - Test HiCommandCLI...
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  • Powershell: user authentification

    Hello Community, when working with PowerShell, the first step is to Add the Subsystem (Add-StorageDevice). When this is done the first time, the user is prompted for User/Password. Is it possible to promt the user E...
    Steffen Zimmermann
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  • Powershell with HUS130

    Hello, We have a HUS130 system and I'm trying to write a Powershell script to query out the capacity and consumed capacity information, for either each DP Pool or volume. The overall goal is to monitor the usage stat...
    Tim Adams
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  • Powershell HUS110 which RG disk is member of?

    Using the Hitachi Storage Adapter for Powershell (v6.2.0.0), I'm unable to determine which raid group a disk is a member of.   I can get the list of disks and their properties with: Get-Drive -Serial $Serial |...
    Ally Wilson
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  • Export Tools Schedulers

    Export Tools Schedulers v1.0.1d   README Export Tools Schedulers (ETS) is a tools to simplify collecting export tools performance data.   There is 2 ways to install ETS: 1. Extract and copy all ETS files to...
    Eriek Regandono
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  • report on space reclaimed by ZPR

    Hi, We currently do adhoc ZPR's on our pools via HCS batch jobs. I'f like to automate this , 25 % of the pool a week  on a monthly cycle. I'm new to scripting / command line  but I've found the runzeropager...
    Gary Matthews
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  • API usage obtaining a list of Agent for RAID instances

    I have started to dabble in the HTnM API a bit and have been using the API guide. https://support.hds.com/download/epcra/hc2184.pdf I am able to make the initial request https://hostname:port/TuningManager/v1/configu...
    jordan smith
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  • Windows batch script for a pairdisplay check

    Hi, I am working on a batch script that will check our device pairs and their status using the pairdisplay.exe command. The one major problem I run into is making sure the horcm is started on each pair management ser...
    George Kearchner
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  • How can I parse the data from the export tool?

    I need some performance information that is not accessible through tuning manager or CS. I want to, for a hostgroup, see the historical MB/s it's been doing. I can do it for an LDEV easily, but I have dozens of hostgr...
    Basil B
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  • Looking for automation script for LUN creation and allocation

    Please share the HCS CLI commands for virtual Lun creation and Allocation. Also please share if any automation scripts for Virtual Lun creation and allocation.
    Jithin Puzhakkal
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  • Help Zero Page reclaiming script

    Hello everyone   I'm trying to get a hold of a script to do Zero Page reclaiming for me. I'm not really into HiCommandCLI, so i havn't been playing around with it so much.   But what I want to accomplish i...
    Mark Henriksen
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