Michael Hay

The Innovation Center and a Year of Progress

Blog Post created by Michael Hay Employee on Jun 10, 2014

It has been a year since the debut of the HDS Community.  Within that year we've seen the expansion of the membership with a significant presence from our partners, SIs and customers; plus we're already benefiting from efforts on Community because it is literally impacting the direction of our portfolio and capabilities. 


For the remainder of this post I'll highlight 10 activities in the Innovation Center which occurred over the past year:

  1. Very early on we opened up the Innovation Center with what Open Innovation means in the post HDS OPEN INNOVATION: An Operational Definition.
  2. Next is the I/O Series that Greg Knieriemen and I co-host.  We've had deep technology discussions such as HNAS deduplication and looked at the far reaching in a recent episode with Yoshimasa Masuoka.
  3. Of course there is the popular Financial Forum series completed with a summary iBook in Finally, Financial Forum Posts Are Consolidated.  This series in particular covers some interesting trends and sheds some light on our directions and strategies.
  4. Ken Wood also exposed some of the internal works we are doing with his post on Big Data Day 2013 Event A Huge Success.  I think that Ken's efforts here are an example of Open Innovation in practice.
  5. In the IEEE 2013 Massive Storage Conference RevisitedMatthew O'Keefe talks about hosting this conference and he did it again in Live Blog IEEE Massive Storage Systems and Technologies Conference, June 4th Sessions for this year.
  6. Adrian De Luca provided perspective on Is Asia Pacific so different when it comes to Technology Trends? and later follows up with a discussion on A new era in privacy? which looks into the new regulations appearing in countries like Australia.
  7. Manju Ramanathpura and Greg Knieriemen also capture the goings in Hitachi of OpenStack with OpenStack Summit Atlanta - May 2014 and through a Google hangout in Challenges of implementing OpenStack in enterprises - G+ hangout.
  8. There've been several discussions and questions led by our partners and users such as Cris Danci and Kamalarajan S around A thought on PaaS? and Any plan for creating a propreitary FS as Netapp have?
  9. Speaking of Kamalarajan S he asked why not a open lab for partners? and Nicholas Howe was able to expose some of the works to support this exact requirement.
  10. Finally, illustrating where we're likely to expand and how our platforms will support this area of expansion Ken Wood did some hands-on work with Influencers Added to the Twitter-Verse View and I talked about SAP HANA on Hitachi's LPAR - Updated.


As you can see we have quite a healthy set of contributors and contributions, and I think that 2014 will further add to our acceleration.  Also I can say that we would not have gotten here without the efforts and help from the folks behind the scenes like Donna Garber (now a HDS alumni), Nicholas HoweMichelle Groff Burling , Jeff Maaks, Nick Gable, and many many others who make up the back office team.


HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY HDS Community! I look forward celebrating you being a two year old next Summer.