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End the Struggle: Use Big Data for Big Business and the Greater Good

Blog Post created by Amy Hodler Employee on Sep 4, 2015

screen-capture-17.pngAccording to a recent IDG Research Services survey, the idea of “Social Innovation” — using technology to improve not only revenues but also society — is gaining significant traction across multiple industries, from health care and financial services to telecommunications, high tech, and the public sector. A strong majority of respondents (80%) agree that doing more for society is ultimately good for business. 


Conversely, over half report they struggle with making business decisions based on this belief that – I’ll reiterate – they think it is ultimately good for business.  What?  screen-capture-18.png


This is one of the many interesting findings of a survey of 200 IT and business executives that are summarized as a whitepaper on Big Data, Big Business and the Greater Good. A one-page summary of these findings is also in the September issue of CIO Magazine. 


Over the next 2 weeks our Social Innovation team will take a closer look at these results with examples in finance, healthcare, telecom, and government sectors.   Furthermore, we’ll highlight some of the reported challenges that I believe are related to this conflict around making socially conscious business decisions.


QUICK POLL: Does your organization’s business decisions align with the idea that doing more of society is ultimately good for business?


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