Jeff Lundberg

100,000 Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere Users

Blog Post created by Jeff Lundberg Employee on Oct 17, 2014

Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere past the 100,000 user license milestone with ~103,000 licenses deployed worldwide. In addition, a success story write up of Hitachi Data Systems' own use of Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere is now There is an accompanying video as well featuring our CIO Rex Carter as well as some of our internal users and their experiences with this Enterprise Sync and Share collaboration tool: Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere HDS Success Story Video with Rex Carter - YouTube.

Below are some statistics on internal deployment and a few of my favorite quotes from the success story.

Registered Users


Total Files


Total User Capacity

11 TB

Saved Capacity

5,293 GB

Deduped Files


Shared Folders


Files in Shared Folders


“The self-service aspect of HCP Anywhere is a very effective, low-cost way to solve the problem we had. Employees are in control of their information, of the devices they want to use, and where they want to access that information,” explains Carter. “It’s a great win for us. It provides this new capability for users, gains the agility we were looking for, and, in fact, drives down our total cost of operation and ownership for the files we need to share.”


“HCP Anywhere is one of our great solutions. It really solves the complex issues that enterprises can have around mobility and compliance,” explains Carter. “We have a very mobile workforce in over 50 countries. HCP Anywhere supports any device and operating system, which allows users the freedom to work from their own phones, PCs, [Apple] Macs or tablets, and to access the files they need in a very secure, compliant and timely manner.”


“We hit an early adoption rate of 93% and employees have shared over 4 million files so far. Equally impressive is the zero downtime, from beta testing to the present time. HCP Anywhere has performed to all expectations,” says Carter.

“Everyone at some point has experienced the nightmare of standing in front of a customer, prepared to present, only to have the technology fail. I have heard from sales reps and other employees who underscored the value of HCP Anywhere in such a circumstance. All they had to do was find a browser and pull up the right information at a critical moment and win the business. It’s great to hear these exciting success stories and how we have been able to bring about greater efficiency, agility and effectiveness for our workforce.”


“It means a significant reduction in the total capacity required to support data assets. HCP Anywhere has already helped us shrink file storage by 4TB, which works out to a 48% reduction. And we need less administrative cycles to manage the files. So we have new file management capabilities, better control and less time spent,” Carter continues.


“One of the biggest surprises with HCP Anywhere was the savings realized by reducing the workload on our internal IT staff. The volume of calls to the help desk has dropped significantly now that employees rarely need help finding lost files. Registration, training and troubleshooting also goes way down because of the self-service features built into HCP Anywhere. It’s a win for a CIO when you can do more, spend less and delight the customers you serve.”