Jeff Lundberg

HCP Anywhere v3.0 Lays the Foundation for a Digital Workplace

Blog Post created by Jeff Lundberg Employee on May 11, 2017

Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) Anywhere version 3.0 is now available and has evolved beyond simple enterprise file sync and share. This latest release makes it an enterprise mobility solution that gives workers the tools to be more engaged, productive and efficient. Expanding on its heritage of enterprise class features and security, HCP Anywhere adds more collaboration, usability and data protection capabilities with a refined user experience and a rich API enabling organizations to redefine file services and transform to a digital workplace that is virtual, mobile and highly collaborative.


                                Digital Workplace Attributes


In my opinion, one of the biggest pieces of this new release is the updated API and SDK for HCP Anywhere, which you can learn more about on Hitachi Content Platform or at These are the key pieces that lay the foundation for the digital workplace by enabling the development of custom applications and workflows, as well as provide a path to integrate 3rd party applications with HCP Anywhere's enterprise mobility capabilities.


So what else is new, you ask?



  • Users can view files/folder structure locally without using any disk space and can keep selected files locally for offline access
    • Choose to either sync all your files/folders or sync selectively
    • Eliminate small disk space concerns (think of the larger hard drive sizes in laptop/desktop vs. the smaller onboard storage in Microsoft Surface tablets)

  • Modern adaptive UI for User Portal – Mobile browser support (better user experience between devices with different screen sizes, performance specs, etc.)
  • New Android App (enhanced UI)

  • Adds non-persistent virtual desktop support to existing support for persistent virtual desktops (reducing VDI boot load and optionally enabling user access to data outside the VDI)
  • Use “My Documents” as HCP Anywhere directory (simplified deployment and daily use for end users such as not needing to remap where Word, PowerPoint etc save files by default.)
  • New client dashboard gives end-users greater information on system status and easier access to settings etc.





  • Disable/Limit folder sharing (greater control over who can share what and with whom)
  • Support dynamic active directory groups (simplified management of participation in shared folders i.e. a new sales person joins HDS, they are automatically added to folders that are shared with all sales people or for their district, etc.)
  • Permanent links (create links without an expiration date)
  • Enhanced link creation via desktop client (easier for users to create links with fewer steps and more control)


Data Protection

  • Self-Service recovery from user error, ransomware and so on by allowing users to view and restore their files as of a given date.

  • Admin defined folders (allows IT to ensure the right folders are protected)
  • White and blacklisting of file types (allows IT to define file types not to protect i.e. PST files, or not protect i.e. MP4s etc.)


If you are attending InteropITX next week, join in on my "Lightning Talk" session. And whether you will be in Las Vegas or not, please try HCP Anywhere out for yourself with a free trial.