Monique Lucey

Automated Infrastructure Management: Freedom to Innovate

Blog Post created by Monique Lucey Employee on May 14, 2019

Legacy data center infrastructure hampers IT from getting the maximum strategic value from data.  Pressure is escalating to convert vast quantities of operational and customer data into actionable insights. IT is no longer just a service provider but is now a strategic advisor to the business.


Innovation and data are the new business currency. With dramatically increasing data volumes from the core, the cloud and the edge, you can barely keep up with current demands let alone tackle the role of strategic advisor. Value-stream based funding models are fueling competitive advantage. Perhaps the fastest way to embrace this new paradigm is to free yourself from the burden of managing complex, siloed IT infrastructure. Agile edge-to-cloud infrastructure from Hitachi Vantara provides the foundation.


To help organizations accelerate their digital and data strategies, Hitachi Vantara offers Unified Compute Platform, a portfolio of converged, hyperconverged and rack scale infrastructure solutions (UCPCI, UCP HC, UCP RS) all with a common management stack. These bring together best-in-class compute, storage and network technologies that incorporate automated management software for a centralized view of compute, network and storage across UCP systems, solutions and data centers.


Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Advisor (UCP Advisor), automated management software, offers simplified and centralized management for server, storage, and network across UCP systems, solutions and datacenters. UCP Advisor lets IT staff focus on rapidly delivering new IT services that drive business value with less time needed to manage, maintain and support complex infrastructure.


UCP Advisor provides:

  • Increased agility - Simplify management to reduce complexity and speed application deployments. Centralized management for server, network and storage, across UCP systems, solutions and data centers provides up to a 7:1 reduction in management tools
  • IT Automation - Automate management of physical, virtual and cloud resources. Deployment manager/ Day0 automation reduces deployment times from several days to a few hours by eliminating hundreds of manual tasks
  • Improved efficiency through automated workflows that reduce manual processes. UCP Advisor allows integrations so that anything that can be done from the UI can also be achieved with REST API – this enables North bound applications (self-service portals like vRealize, ServiceNow) to call APIs to provision any infrastructure. Automated workflows have been shown to reduce provisioning times by up to 90% and the probability of human errors via automation of complex tasks.



We’re committed to innovating in ways that help IT teams simplify complex management tasks and speed deployments.  Here are just a few of the recent enhancements we’ve delivered In UCP Advisor automated management software:


  • Enhance deployment reports to include complete UCP system information and new installation and Autodiscover Logs download links.
  • VMware vCenter UCP Advisor plug-in for storage management on Cisco and Hitachi Adaptive Solution for Converged Infrastructure. Includes: onboarding and inventory of Hitachi storage arrays and converged storage and physical resource provisioning
  • Support for the latest VMware hypervisor so you can achieve simple and efficient management at scale with 2X faster performance in VMware vCenter Server operations per second and a 3X reduction in memory usage.
  • Automated lifecycle management for compute allows IT staff to deliver new applications and services faster.
  • Simplified, smart management across multiple VMware vCenters with just one UCP Advisor instance. This reduces the number of resources required to manage multi- VMware vCenter for multiple workload domains on UCP RS systems.

  • Extend bare metal provisioning with latest operating system (OS) for greater flexibility.

    Management and provisioning support for additional hardware and OS options drives operation and process efficiencies.


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